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Hot Lunch

About the Program


The Ocean Cliff hot lunch program is organized by the PAC each year. 

This is one of our biggest and most popular fundraisers. Money raised from this program helps fund

classroom necessities, technology and special projects, so we appreciate your continued support.

Enrolment is completed over three separate terms through MunchaLunch, our online ordering system. 

Hot Lunch Terms

Fall: October - December

Winter: January - March

Spring: April - June


Hot Lunch Volunteers

The program can only continue to run if we get enough volunteers to help organize and distribute the

hot lunch each week. Each term, the PAC reaches out to parents with a call for volunteers who can sign up for one or more shifts through a google doc. Thank you to all the parents who continue to support this program and donate their time to make it happen!

Participating Vendors

The venders we select are based on several factors and vary from term to term. Previous venders have included: 

A&W, White Spot, Subway and Panago Pizza


If you have any questions about the hot lunch program or challenges logging into your munch-a-lunch account, please email


Every parent wants the best for their children. That is evident through the support that Ocean Cliff families continue to demonstrate through our events, activities and fundraisers.

Our Mission

What We Do

Raise funds for the school through events and activities.

Provide opportunities for families to meet each other and interact with school staff. 

Raise awareness of current educational issues.


Provide a chance to share input on school concerns and educational changes.

School Kids

We Need Your Support to Provide for Ocean Cliff students

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