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Who We Are

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Every Ocean Cliff parent is automatically a member of the school’s Parent Advisory Council.  

PAC Executive 

The PAC Executive is a small group of parent volunteers voted into specific roles to work with the school and act as the official collective voice of parents for the purpose of creating a great learning experience for students. 

These are the 2022/2023 PAC Executive members voted in at the AGM:

President - Jenny McCormick

Vice-President - Kelsey Findlay

Treasurer - Melissa Christopherson

Secretary - Leah Carter

DPAC Rep - Danica Gallaher

PAC Committee Members

This PAC Committee members are non-executive, ongoing positions. These roles are not voted on and are not required to attend PAC meetings.  Committee members work independently at their own pace with support from their designated PAC executive to lead specific initiatives that help the PAC achieve their strategic goals. 

These are the current committee members:

Marketing/Communications Lead - Jasmine Boyes

Hot Lunch Lead - Anna Stradiotti

Grade 7 Fundraising Liaison - Vacant

Sister School Lead - Grace McDonald

Volunteer Lead - Vacant

Events Lead - Vacant

Grant/Donation Lead - Vacant

Playground Committee:

Rebecca Kiesewetter

Laura Kalenuik

Every parent wants the best for their children. That is evident through the support that Ocean Cliff families continue to demonstrate through our events, activities and fundraisers.

Our Mission

What We Do

Raise funds for the school through events and activities.

Provide opportunities for families to meet each other and interact with school staff. 

Raise awareness of current educational issues.


Provide a chance to share input on school concerns and educational changes.

School Kids

We Need Your Support to Provide for Ocean Cliff students

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