Purdy's Holiday Campaign

Buy Purdys Christmas
Chocolates and Support OC!

Ocean Cliff receives up to 25% back in fundraising profit, and you get chocolates

made in Canada with premium quality ingredients, and sustainable cocoa.



  1. Sign in or create a new supporter account by clicking on the Ocean Cliff campaign link here

  2. If you’re creating a new account, please enter the customer number, 59532  on the registration page.

  3. If you’re signing into an existing account, enter customer number 59532 into the search bar that will come up after you’ve signed in.

  4. Click on JOIN CAMPAIGN and make sure you see "Ocean Cliff Holiday Fundraiser". Jasmine is the Coordinator name. 

  5. Click "shop online" in the top centre navigation bar and select either "market place" (includes product images) or "online order form" (does not include product  images) and begin adding your holiday favourites to your cart.

  6. Follow the prompts to the checkout and proceed with payment. 

ORDER DEADLINE: Saturday, November 27

DELIVERY DATE: December 13 (we will send an email with pick up instructions)

Be sure to share the campaign link with family and friends so we can meet our fundraising goal to support OC students!


Email pac.oceancliff@gmail.com

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Attend our events and participate in our fundraising programs.


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Give your time (we don't need a lot) by signing up for one of our regular or on-call volunteer positions.