Purdy's Easter Campaign

Purchase Purdy's Easter
Chocolates and Support OC!

Ocean Cliff receives up to 25% back in fundraising profit, and you get chocolates

made in Canada with premium quality ingredients, and sustainable cocoa.



  • Step 1 - Go to our unique fundraising link here

  • Step 2 - Enter your email and Click JOIN CAMPAIGN

  • Step 3 -  On the dashboard, click on the SHOP ONLINE button at the top. Then select ‘Use Marketplace‘ (alternatively, you can select USE ONLINE ORDER FORM and follow the instructions)

  • Step 4 - Shop Away! Browse products and select the items/quantities you would like and click on ADD TO BAG

  • Step 5 - When you're finished shopping, click on VIEW BAG at the top to ensure that all of the products you selected have been added. If everything looks good, then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Select your order and click on PAY SELECTED ORDER to proceed to the payment page

ORDER DEADLINE: Saturday, March 26

PICK UP DATE: April 6 - 9 

(Pick up from the home of our parent coordinator: 1978 131 St)

Thank you EVERYONE for your support. Even if you can’t buy chocolates from us, it would mean the world if you could share this fundraiser link to everyone you know!

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Attend our events and participate in our fundraising programs.


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Give your time (we don't need a lot) by signing up for one of our regular or on-call volunteer positions.